People who want more in their lives than just being in pain, have to work hard, and that is not easy with a body that hurts !

If you want a better life in spite of pain you have to learn a lot and to give up a lot. You have to do a lot of things and to give up a lot of things.

It is like TOP Sports. You need a trainer, but also supporters !


First of all you have to accept that from now on, perhaps till the end of your life, pain will be a part of it.

You have to accept your aching body….

You have to learn to deal with misunderstanding….

You have to look for alternative hobby’s….

Sometimes people even loose their jobs so they have to change everything that was familiar to them !

It is clever to learn something more about pain. How does pain influence other parts of body and mind.

What influence does stress have on pain. More stress means more pain, so it is very important to learn relaxation techniques

And believe me, you cannot learn it by just reading a book ! It takes more than that. Only practising can give good results and it is very wise to ask for help from a good therapist !


It is useful to know something about medication. What kind of medication do you take. When- why- and for what purpose.

Do you want to live like a zombie because of tranquilisers , or get a gastric ulcer or kidney or liver problems ?

And are you sure you’ve got the right medication…Some medicines conflict with another !


It is good to do some kind of sports or exercises. And we all know that it will be very difficult because moving most of the times increases pain. But with a bit of spirit, good advice and perseverance it is surely better than to sit or lay down waiting for a miracle that never happens !

Keeping a pain diary can yield surprising results. Things written down appear often different than things you have in mind ! Perhaps you can trace what increases more pain, so that you can interact this.

That all is difficult, demoralising and often discouraging.

I know by experience that when you have pain that lasts longer than normal, or pain that despite all efforts does not stop, you are doubting yourself, you even do not dare to laugh in public, you don’t go outdoors and you stop talking about your pain because nobody understands you !

And doing so, being in chronic pain becomes a lonesome fight against pain and incomprehension.

That’s why it is so important chronic pain-patients get a good coaching in the beginning and not at the end of a long medical history !

That is also better for their doctors, the insurance companies and above all for themselves.

But we have to realise that nobody can do all these things without help !

Companions in distress can help and teach each other ! That’s why doctors have to tell their patients about the existence of patient organisations in the beginning of their career as a pain-patient.

Patient organisations mostly have a lot more information than doctors. People who work there, know the attendant circumstances. Socially as well as mentally !

Dare to contact the Dutch Organisation for pain-patients: “Foundation Pain-Hope” and ask for somebody who understands English.

Secretarial office Foundation Pain-Hope: Honthorstlaan 39, 1816 TA Alkmaar

Telephone: 0031725119685 or visit the site: E-mail: