What is QSPainrelief & How does it help patients with chronic pain?

We cordially invite you to the QSPainRelief Patiënten Event!

QSPainRelief (qspainrelief.eu) is a European research project. In this project
we explore how to create an effective combination of different drugs
can develop for the treatment of chronic pain in individual patients.
For this, we use an entirely new approach (quantitative systems pharmacology,
in English and abbreviated "QSP") in which a lot of data are combined to
trying to predict when good or better pain relief will occur. In this
project we also strive for open and interactive communication with chronic
pain patients themselves, by disseminating clear information and direct interaction.

The QSPainRelief Patient Event will be held in Dutch.

We first give information about the QSPainRelief project and then show a
live demonstration of the "PainCart". This is our experimental setup for the
inducing pain in healthy volunteers to measure the influence of drugs.
In conclusion, there will be an interactive podiumdiscussion.
Coffee/tea and refreshments will be provided.

Click here for the websiteflyer

Foundation Pain-Hope

Pain Hope is a patient organisation for and by people with chronic pain. The patient organisation focuses on people with any kind of pain. This can include pain for which there is no obvious cause. So anyone with chronic pain of any kind can join the Pain Hope Foundation.







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