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Do you have chronic pain? Living with pain every day is één a fact of life for one in five people. The Pain Hope Foundation is here for you! Together, learning, coping with chronic pain is our vision.

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If you lid van ons become a member, you will receive an annual book on chronic pain and how to deal with it. You can attend a contact meeting or phone our telephone support centre. Furthermore, you can participate for free in one of our training courses. Daarnaast ontvang je 4x per jaar ons kwartaalblad. Visit our information page.


Gordelroos bewustwordingsweek

Gordelroos bewustwordingsweek

Van 26 februari t/m 3 maart vindt de tweede Gordelroos bewustwordingsweek plaats. In Nederland en ver daarbuiten vragen we aandacht voor de symptomen en impact van gordelroos op iemands leven en diens omgeving. Gordelroos wordt veroorzaakt door het waterpokkenvirus...

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De Nieuwsbrief

The Newsletter

'The Newsletter' our quarterly magazine with interesting articles on all kinds of topics related to chronic pain: Studies, experience stories, columns, news and interviews. 

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