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De behandelingsmogelijkheden

Kennis is macht. Als je zelf weet welke behandelingen er mogelijk zijn ter vermindering of beheersing van de pijn, zal overleg met een pijnbehandelaar beter verlopen. Enkele mogelijkheden zijn:

  • a rehabilitation programme aimed at managing chronic pain
  • training at Pain Hope Foundation how to learn to live with chronic pain
  • treatment with (other) painkillers
  • physiotherapy
  • manual therapy
  • chiropractic
  • TENS (nerve stimulation through the skin or internally)
  • nerve blocks
  • acupuncture
  • learning relaxation exercises and breathing training through mindfulness, for example
  • hypnotherapy
  • mensendieck
  • psychologist

A range of possibilities

Chronic pain does not have to control your life. By focusing on other things, the pain can get less attention. But what things can you do with chronic pain that make you feel less pain? To answer that question, we give you an overview from everyday practice. The activities listed are what people with chronic pain do. In doing so, we hope to inspire others. See for this: A range of possibilities


There remains plenty of information to share with you. For instance, we know very well from experience what the basic rules are to (learn to) live with chronic pain. We can also advise you on what you should definitely not forget to ask your practitioner. Sometimes we know who can give you specific information and can refer you to other organisations or people. Don't be stuck with it, just ask! Get in touch with one of our staff members.