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  • Find out how to cope with chronic pain. Go for quality of life!
  • Contact people who know what chronic pain is.
  • Stay at a care hotel for three days at a low price.
  • Enjoy good food and beautiful surroundings.
  • If necessary, participate in the training lying down on a bed.
  • Get right down to business.
  • Learn from an experienced trainer and expert by experience.

Patient organisation Pain Hope has 35 years of experience with chronic pain. We are a patient organisation for and by people with chronic pain. All our employees have chronic pain and are therefore experts by experience. We have years of experience in providing training on how to deal with chronic pain. We have a basic training 'Learning to live with pain", a follow-up training 'Drawing from your own strength' and a Partner training 'Pain and partner'‘.

Accept that chronic pain remains,
stop pain treatment hopping,
dampen your own chronic pain!

feel your limits,
set your limits,
say No!

Regain control of your body
focus on nice things
increase your quality of life!


The basic training... what a great experience! I learnt a lot from the multi-faceted offer: knowledge about pain, influence of life events, emotions, breathing etc. with different work forms! And of course the fellow sufferers contact! The stay there is just fantastic! 

Wilma Groenendijk, 66 jaar, Heemstede

De basistraining ‘Leren omgaan met chronische pijn’ heeft ontzettend veel losgemaakt voor mij, en in mijn gezin. Nog los van het warme bad, zit ik weer wat meer zelf aan het stuur van mijzelf en mijn pijn in plaats van dat ik me daardoor laat leiden.

Jörgen van Remoortere, 50 jaar. Alphen a/d Rijn

My participation in the training was like a warm blanket. Recognition, acknowledgement, genuine, a laugh and a tear...
I grant this to anyone struggling with pain. Knowledge, skill, reaching out and awareness.
Not necessarily easy but oh so necessary and meaningful.
Ernie Peeters, 51 jaar, Arnhem

training hoe om te gaan met chronische pijn

Inhoud van de training

Having chronic pain not only means always being in pain, but also causes many additional problems. Those problems and the stress usually associated with them negatively influence the pain and only increase the impact that pain has on your life. By learning to better manage those problems, you yourself can improve your quality of life. This seems impossible, but many people with pain now know that you really can learn to deal with your pain 'differently'!

Starting from your own experiences, needs and abilities, we work on improving your current situation. This is done in groups in an active person-oriented way under the expert guidance of a trainer together with an expert by experience.



All training sessions are held at the welcoming conference venue Het Bosgoed te Lunteren Het Bosgoed is fully wheelchair accessible, while each participant has access to a private room with an adjustable bed and private bathroom. The cook is able to serve a tasty dish for every diet. Beds are available for participants in the meeting room where the training is held.

Prijs: € 150,-. This price includes meals, coffee/tea and two nights' accommodation.

Let op: members get €100 discount, so pay only €50.