chronic pain quartet

Pain-Hope has a quartet about chronic pain. It is often used to discuss chronic pain. It has the following categories: the pains, the types, the ones, the 'good knowledge', the alternatives, the ailments, the environment, the sufferers, the good advice, inspection, the popular, important and the doctors

Foundation Pain-Hope

Pain Hope is a patient organisation for and by people with chronic pain. The patient organisation focuses on people with any kind of pain. This can include pain for which there is no obvious cause. So anyone with chronic pain of any kind can join the Pain Hope Foundation.







De Nieuwsbrief

The Newsletter

'The Newsletter' our quarterly magazine with interesting articles on all kinds of topics related to chronic pain: Studies, experience stories, columns, news and interviews. 

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DVD over leven met pijn

DVD about living with pain

DVD about types of pain and the influencing factors. The treatment via neuromodulation, rehabilitation, medication, epiduroscopy, nerve blocks and a tens. Furthermore, what you can do yourself through fellow sufferers, biofeedback and additional care.

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